Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

2023 Membership


2023 Membership Information

Please continue to the next page to fill out or update the 2023 registration information.

If you were not a 2022 member of the NLYC, please contact Jayson Kurfis for Membership information.

This is your official renewal for the 2023 season, and will established for emails, parties and access to the website.


2023 Options for Payment include:

1.  Write a check and mail to NLYC   calculate 5% sales tax when writing your check
NLYC PO Box:   P.O. Box 180154    Delafield WI 53018

2.  Pay with credit card for entire payment. (Member assumes all fees & taxes)   *Fee Rate:   3.15% + $1.00  (Credit card fee is set by and paid to SportsEngine, and does not go to the NLYC)

Selection for payment happens on the last page

3.  Pay in two installments:  Checks Only

Pay with check for Membership Renewal before April 30th.

Pay for fleet fees/lagoon/dry sail/kayak etc

Multiple checks sent into NLYC. 
(a single payment is preferred, but we understand if you break it up, just please be sure to send in both payments before April 30th)

Where do I select  pay by check?:   When you go all the way thru and you end up at the shopping cart…there is a drop down under “Payment Options”  It says Pay in Full, but if you click the drop down it says “Pay Offline”  That would be the option you want in order to pay by check.  After you select it, you can print that page (optional), then be sure to submit the registration, and send in your check with the print out.

Membership dues must be paid in full by April 30, 2023.

*Online processing fees of (3.15% + $1.00) per payment will be added to the amount of each order paid by credit card. The customer will be responsible to pay the full fee amount along with their payment and the organization will collect the full order amount. 

2023 Membership Fees

Family $499 ($523.95 with tax)
Individual $336 ($352.80 with tax)
Junior $ 78.75 ($82.50 with tax)
Senior Couple $250 ($262.50 with tax)
Senior Single $180 ($189 with tax)
Corresponding $84 ($88.20 with tax)
Emeritus $0
Introductory $250 (262.5 with tax)

2023 Boat Registrations Fees
Opti...$25...with tax..$26.25
X Fleet...$110...with tax...$115.50
420's Fleet...$50...with tax...$52.50
MC Fleet...$80...with tax..$84.00
C Fleet...$110...with tax...$115.50
E Fleet...$110...with tax...$115.50
Wet and Dry Slips
Lagoon Spot...$425...with tax...$446.25
Dry Sailing Lot...$222...with tax...$233.10
Kayak Rack...$120...with tax...$126.00


Please direct Membership questions to:

Jayson Kurfis


Please direct website registration questions to:

Nicole Prodoehl Kurfis