Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club

Sailing School Registration 2019


Welcome to Nagawicka Lake Sailing School

Welcome to the new online registration process, after deciding which class interests you scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the green continue button to register.  If you prefer to register in person please come to Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club on April 28th from 3-5pm for open registration.  Summer is just around the corner!

Course Descriptions

Beginner Opti is a very fun, basic introductory class with lots of play, water and sun!  Kids will get used to being around the lake and familiar with the opti sailboat, in a non-threatening environment.


Opt Beginner Session 1:  Monday thru Thursday June 12th-July 3rd (1p-3p)  No Class on 6/24  $225/$275

Opti Beginner Session 2:  Monday thru Thursday July 8th-July 31st (1p-3p) No class 7/17, 7/18, 7/22  $225/$275


Opti Intermediate/Advanced is for the sailor that has at least 1 year of experience and is comfortable on the boat.  These kids will further develop skills and learn advanced strategies. New this year, will be Friday morning race series!!!  No charge for Friday race series, but there are a limited number of boats for these races (and regattas) consider club membership to receive priority use of optis and discounts on registration, as well as other perks!

Opti Intermediate/Advanced Session 1:  Monday thru Thursday June 12th-July 3rd (9a-12p) No class 6/24  $250/$300    

Opti Intermediate/Advanced Session 2:  Monday thru Thursday July 8th-July 31st (9a-12p) No class 7/17, 7/18, 7/22  $250/$300

Opti Night Class (beginner/intermediate):  Monday & Wednesday Nights 430p-630p June 12th-July 31st No class 6/24, 7/17, 7/22  $225/$275

Opti classes are structured around 5 regattas, to encouraged participation!

LBSS Regatta Beulah June 24th

LOPN Regatta Nagawicka (TBD)

Pink Regatta on Nagawicka July 17-18

ILYA No tears Regatta Cedar July 22nd

Pram Power Regatta North Lake August 8th


*All students are required to come with and wear a life jacket, parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy the view!

Summer Opti rental for classes is $75 per-session.
Have your own Opti?  Members dry dock for free!

Scholarships available, inquire for details


Opti Camp #1 Mon, Tu, Wed, Fri   9a-2p (8/5-8/9) with optional regatta on Thur 8/8,  $250/$300 rental fee included

Opti Camp #2:  Mon thru Thur (8/12-8/15). $250/$300 rental fee included

*Life Jackets required, students should bring their own lunch.


X Scow: Mon thru, Fri 9a-12p (6/13-7/22) schedule is variable to allow for regattas & includes race series on Wednesdays.  Skipper must be a club member.  Members are eligible for holiday and Saturday race series as well.

Skipper $400/Crew $275
*Rental boat is available at the club, inquire about details.


420 Class: Tuesdays 1p-4p with race series on Fridays at 6 pm (exact dates TBD) on Nagawicka Lake (6/18th-8/2) $225 member/non-member which covers season and Friday night race series, no rental fee.

420 Camp: Mon thru Friday 1pm-4 pm (8/5-8/9)
$200, rental fee included.


Adult Group Class:  Monday Nights  $270  

Class dates:  June 10, 17, 24 & July 1, 8, 15

Adult individual and group classes available in packages of 6 classes with flexible schedule


Free ‘try it day’ upon request!  call Jana 262-565-8711

*Scholarships available*

All NLYC Club members receive reduced prices listed above as well as access to the club and invites to our fun social events!

Register now or in person on Sunday April 28th from 3-5 pm at Nagawicka Lake Yacht Club, 1131 Mariner Dr., Hartland


Please direct questions to:

Jana Petersen-Pingel

Phone: 2625658711